Thursday, June 7, 2007

ABC game

By Justin Shaw

I found that a group no bigger than 8 works great. The game would normally have a time limit of 90 seconds, but in order to get them interested I first let them have about 4 minutes. Then I started to set faster times with them.

1. Pick a topic, but its also good if you take suggestions from the students. (Remember that you want to get them interested first and set rules in a short time.)

2. Pick a place in the alphabet to start. (I found that for the first few it was just easier to let them start from A)

3. The student must say a whole sentence starting with the letter
eg. -Please help me.
-Quit complaining, I'm coming.
-Right let's all help her.
-Stand back and let me do it already.
etc . . . .

4. The game ends when you come to the letter you first started with.

When I did this today I gave my students a piece of paper with the alphabet on it so they could follow along. They really enjoyed it, and all I had to do was be there to help with a few words (x,q,z). For those words I let them use the names of Chinese cities or old warlords. Some of the english teachers also took a look and thought that it was pretty good. I really enjoyed it when the students wanted to have me play with them, and I must say that today was the first day I truly enjoyed teaching them.

Anyway that's all for now. I want to try a new twist on an old game called questions only. I think I will call it english only though.

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