Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Importance of motivation

By Katherine Lea - IEN English, Beijing

Right now I have a new class of post graduate students who wish to study overseas for their second degrees. As with a previous class last semester the motivation of these students is HIGH HIGH HIGH. When I ask them to discuss the issues, they discuss them, when I ask them to use the grammar in a conversation they do it willingly.

What's the difference you ask? I have only taught at private colleges in China and in the last year I have primarily taught post graduate students who wish to study overseas. Their motivation is themselves because they NEED English to succeed in their goals.

I do a lot of goal setting at the beginning of the course and keep in mind each students goal. If they start to slip I remind them of the light at the end of the tunnel - THEIR GOAL - and they start working again.

For many Chinese students they don't know WHY they NEED to learn English. When they figure out their real goals (not just passing a test) they do get motivated and won't be passive.

So if you really want a rewarding experience find these students and you will have a wonderful time.

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EFL Geek said...

Good post. I've written previously about goal setting in the ESL/EFL classroom and given two presentations on the topic.

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