Saturday, March 3, 2007

School can't stand teachers sitting

By Nancy Bushwell

I was amazed when I was told at my second school that teachers were fined if they sat down during class! This explains why there are no teachers' chairs at my school.

I was also told that I was a foreigner, so this didn't apply to me. After I hurt my heel from too much walking, I bought a folding chair and a bicycle chain, and locked the chair to a desk when I wasn't in class.

Sitting down was doctor's orders, though I still got up and walked around at times. I couldn't teach oral English without walking around but, on the other hand, I would have difficulty teaching two classes in a row without sitting.

To this foreigner's eyes, I think it's unfair to the Chinese teachers that they can't sit, especially when they have two classes in a row. I wonder if they have ever complained?

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